Friday, April 17, 2009

A Life Lived

She would have been 93 today. An elect, elegant lady. Though I know she prayed for cups to pass by, she handled every trial with dignity and strength of character. A strength of character one only obtains after having walked through the fire a few times - several times. As I have repacked afghans she crocheted, I am reminded of how she did not let her loss of sight stop her from keeping her hands busy. Her hobbies paralleled her worsening eyesight. She went from sewing to counted cross stitching detailed pictures to needlepointing on plastic canvas to crocheting. Each change a little larger until her crocheted projects were mostly based on granny squares because it was easier to feel the holes and know where the next stitch needed to be. She only asked for help in matching colors. She went from reading books to listening to them on tape; from writing in her flourished cursive handwriting to using bold black pens on paper with raised lines so she could keep it straight to the large wipe-off board that hung in her kitchen. I still have a picture of her last word puzzles on that board. Her mind never stopped. I'm sure she stepped right into whatever awaited her with the same strength she exhibited here. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. I love that picture of mother. You look so gorgeous in your picture. You'll have to help me figure my blog out when I come out.

    Hope this gets through.