Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look how far

There's a new digital television station that plays old movies. Don't ask me what their selection process is because most of them are eyebrow raisers. Anyway, one of the station's ads says something like they play "movies with great stars before they were stars". The other day I was watching a movie while I was exercising and I was thinking, "This is so lame. The plot is lame. The acting is lame. It's lame." My next thought was what the actors/actresses themselves think about these 'beginnings' when they watch them. Do they get embarrassed? Do they wish they hadn't taken that particular part? Do they judge their performance by what they are capable of today, not realizing they were probably doing the best they knew how at the time? Do they see these movies for what they are - stepping stones - to what they are now (be that good or bad)? Of course, then I found myself wondering how I would react if I were watching a movie with me in the starring role from a time "before I am what I am today". Would I be wondering why I took on that particular role or chose to portray that attitude at that particular time? Would I be thinking, "This is so lame"? Or would I be watching it thinking, “Wow, look how lame I still am….I mean….look how far I’ve come!” Have I really come that far? I hope so.


  1. I enjoy your blog. We all have come a long way since we were young. Experiences and challenges do that to us. I can say I am a different person today than I was 40+ years ago. I laugh at myself when I think of some of the naive things I used to do and think. Love you, Janis, from your sister Sharon

  2. Yet another deep thought from my dear friend Janis! You never cease to amaze me!