Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for a flower

In case someone reading this hasn't realized it yet . . . it's Monday. Who in their right mind starts the work week with a Monday?? I want to start in on a Wednesday or a Heyday or something besides a Monday! Yes, I'm having a crazy day and that's not just because of where I work, either. Or maybe it is. Who knows. Anyway it will get better and I will end up having a good day. Did you know we have created 20 - yes 20 - definitions for the word "good"? Why have we made our lives so complicated? Give me back the world of a child. I'll take it in a heartbeat.

My grandkids fascinate me because everything they see is a wonder. They have no clutter to look past in order to see the beautiful things in their world. Yet. I don't see things anymore, I don't think. Everything I look at is a concept or a burden or a reminder of something left undone or waiting to be done. There is not simply a flower. In fact, I can't see the flower without straining through hard water deposits on my windows that I really should be cleaning off. When I do focus on the budding beauty, it has become a flower that should be picked if I want more to bloom. It's a flower in a flower garden that is in dire need of weeding. Or it's a flower on the weed itself which means it's not really a flower anyway, it's a weed, and I should be pulling it. The older I get the more I feel like one giant collage of magazine pictures glued on top of each other. Remember those school projects? Only now, since my poster board was long ago covered, I'm pasting layers on layers. Shouldn't we reach a point where they take the glue away and we get to start peeling the images off until we reveal our basic, simple, 'good' foundation layer? Maybe that's part of the meaning in becoming like a child. Hmmm

Well, here's hoping you have a 'good' day with lots and lots of flowers in it! The 'good' kind of flowers, of course!

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