Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open to Interpretation...

I got to go and watch Mariah play soccer this morning. It brought back lots of memories of Thursdays and Saturdays sitting at the park in Delta watching the boys play. Mariah got to play goalie in the first quarter and I post these particular pictures in humor. In the first one she's obviously getting instructions from her dad. The second picture was just a few minutes later and is the one that caused me to take a second look at my little lover-&-protector-of-all-things-breathing, Mariah. I have to wonder what kind of instructions her dad was giving her because it sure looks like she took out at least one player as she focused on getting the ball. (It had been raining and was still raining off and on so the grass was slick. I'm sure the other player just slipped and fell.) But still it looks a little questionable. Mariah played great, stopped a lot of balls from going into the net and ran as hard as anyone on the team.

We had Alan's birthday party this afternoon. He turned 55 last Tuesday. Doesn't that mean he should get senior discounts???? I have to say he's certainly been a great husband, father and grampa! He's worked hard all our married life to provide for our family and our children are lucky to have all made his work ethics a part of their lives also.

I give up. The pictures won't go where I want them and now the text is messed up. Maybe it's a sign I should call it a day!

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