Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playing time, Changing time

Tyler, Layne and Carter got to have a sleepover at my house awhile ago. I told them I had a surprise for them. They ate their supper and cleaned up the floor in preparation. I brought out two large totes full of Nathan's and Joseph's GI Joe toys from 20 some odd years ago. Oh, my! You'd have thought it was the best day of their lives when they saw what was revealed when the lids came off. Nathan and Krisy were there at the time and (I wish I'd gotten a picture) Nathan flew out of the chair, his plate of food in one hand and fighting off the three little boys with the other hand while rummaging through one of the totes. I'm really not sure how he managed it but he finally pulled out a vehicle and proudly held it up to show Krisy. "This was my favorite GI Joe vehicle. My favorite!" The little boys played the entire night with the toys and even parked them in specific places when they went to sleep. There seemed to be one major change in the way they played, however. Nate and Joe used to set it all up and have battles. There are even various body parts of broken GI Joes they used for the casualties. There was strategy and planning. These three boys got everything sorted out and manned all the vehicles and then proceeded to sell their weapons! I thought it was an interesting change in play that seemed to adapt to the times, anyway.
One of the other most favorite things to play at our house is Hide and Seek. It was hilarious watching Hunter dive under the pillow to hide! The best places are often right out in the open, right???

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  1. Does Hunter get that from me? :) I love your stories on here- thanks for starting a blog! Love you!