Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Inspiration

Growing up, I was always making tents. Ropes strung across the front porch. Blankets hung on them with clothespins. Many hours were spent with a suitcase full of Mom's fabric scraps, a needle & thread, snaps & buttons, as I made clothes for my troll dolls and Barbie dolls. (Wow, trolls to Barbies - that's quite the diversity!) Of couse, no one could get to the front door. Usually one end of the rope was hooked to the mailbox that was mounted on the house so the mailman had to be creative when he left the mail. We had a square clothesline in the backyard that made a cool tent because you could actually have four 'walls'. For Jodi's second birthday, I had the epiphelation to make her a tent that could be thrown over a card table. Since then, I have given each one of my grandkids a tent or teepee sometime around their second birthday. I wasn't on the ball enough with Ty, though, so he got a teepee when he was a little older. I wanted to share the inspiration for that epiphelation with you. Thank goodness my sister still has it and was nice enough to share pictures with me. I have fond memories of playing in this tent when I was little. I had graham crackers and milk and chanted "Romper Stomper Bomper Boo, Tell me, tell me, tell me true. Have all my friends had fun today?" with Miss Julie and her magic mirror while sitting in this tent. Mom used to put a pop bottle underneathe it right in the center so it really looked like a circus tent. Hmmm . . . maybe it's time I make me a tent of my own!!


  1. You are such an amazing person! I am always impressed with the new projects you find and all your creativity. I'm glad you wanted to re-live your childhood by making tents for the grandkids. Carter loves his and may even be 16 before he grows tired of it! :) Love ya!

  2. I don't remember any of that except "Romper, Stomper"! I am old.
    The Blog is looking great, and you're great.