Saturday, May 16, 2009

If I Were in Charge . . .

There are a few things in this world I question. Actually there are a lot but there are a few I seriously would change if I were given the chance and the authority. At least I think I would.
  • Start of the day: Why does the day start at midnight? Granted I'm usually still up but the majority of the world is still sleeping off yesterday. I think the day should go from dawn to dawn instead of midnight to midnight. Feasibly you could then work from dawn to dusk and then sleep from dusk to dawn. Makes sense to me.
  • Start of the week: Why do we start a week on a Monday? I've mentioned this quandry in previous blogs. I guess in some ways it's good because the rest of the week can usually only go up after a typical Monday, but, still, the week should start on a high note so the rest of the days can be more eagerly anticipated. I'm not sure I have a viable solution to this so maybe I just need to be more in charge of my Mondays and turn them into the kind of day I think they should be. Hmmm.
  • Start of the year: Why do we start the New Year with new beginnings and goals and lofty intentions in January, the dead of winter? My sister and I have had this conversation. It's cold and so you don't want to go out. It's the start of the flu season. Everything that once grew is pretty well hibernating for the winter. I think the New Year should be March 1st. I'd actually say April 1st but I'd hate to take away the one day where we celebrate total foolishness. Mother Nature is starting to stir and awaken come March and if the atmosphere is more electrofied, then we as human beings probably will be, too.
  • Seasons of the year: Why do we have to have four seasons? I think we should have Spring and Fall - sowing and reaping. None of this freezing naked trees or parched cracked earth. No colder than 68°F and no hotter than 75°F. I guess I should live at the Equator if that's the way I like things.
I guess we see why I'll never have the authority to make significant changes in the world, huh? I'd be a walking dust devil leaving instant upheavel and chaos in my shadow. Some might even say I'm that already. Maybe I'll just keep these and all my other questions saved for a later time when I can get answers. Probably at that time, the answers to these questions won't even be important.

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