Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mowing Down Memory Lane

That makes it sound like I actually 'mowed down' Memory Lane as in it doesn't exist anymore but I didn't. I actually volunteered to help Alan mow our lawn tonight and it wasn't long until I was chuckling to myself as I reminisced about our years as a YardCare Family in Delta. The first thing I decided, however, is that I need to buy about a dozen of those little clay squirrels or chipmunks or gnomes and place them strategically around the yard. Nothing I enjoyed more than edging and mowing around those obnoxious little things!

Some of the moments that came to mind were:

  • Getting gently nudged (that's a debatable choice of words) with the wooden end of Ne____'s rake while raking up thatched grass and leaves.
  • Mowing that huge lawn in a torrential rainstorm and watching Joe dancing and singing while he was using the riding lawnmower.
  • Tromping down stinky grass in the pickup bed so we could fit more in and then trying to shovel it all out at the dump without falling in.
  • The big Hart's jug we kept beverage in and watching the kids' faces when they expected diet Coke but found Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi instead.
  • Power raking in the Delta wind.
  • Plugging up the Snapper mower.
  • Sweating. Not glistening. Not perspiring. Sweating. And then having the grass clippings from the edger stick to the sweat.
  • Bennett's ice cream cones with sprinkles on them as a reward.
  • Some piece of equipment always seemed to break down and Alan would finish tinkering with it about the same time the rest of us finished mowing the lawn.
  • Lawns resembling jungles because the owners kept thinking they'd fix their lawnmower and a month later, admitted it wasn't going to happen. We usually underbid those jobs.
We knew it was time to sell the business when the girls got old enough they were embarrassed to be seen sweating. Well, I'm sure there's more memories that will come to mind. Feel free to add your memories, too. As much as I dreaded the hard work, I wouldn't trade those years of 'family togetherness' for anything. You get pretty close to your family when your sweaty bodies are smashed into the front of a truck in 95° weather.

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    1. Ha! The good old times! I actually think I'm looking forward to having my own lawn to mow. I think it gives you a great opportunity to slow down and think about things and reflect on things. You also forgot to mention the Delta Sands that took DAYS to mow.... :) Thanks for teaching us to have a good work ethic!