Monday, June 1, 2009

Bumper Pads

I read of an interesting point of view regarding Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. After they had fallen to Satan's temptation and partaken of the forbidden fruit, cherubim and a flaming sword were put in front of the Tree of Life. I've always thought that was an impenetrable security system to keep them out. But even then, God couldn't totally take away their free agency - but He could give them cause to divert or detour. So, Adam and Eve still could have partaken of that fruit - it just would have been more difficult and painful and so they chose not to.

That explanation has made me look at situations a little bit differently lately. Like, maybe certain events aren't actually the 'roadblocks' or 'brick walls' I resent and that make my rebellious blood boil, but rather they are detour signs from a loving Heavenly Father telling me there's a better choice I could make. How many times do I look beyond the detour sign, though, and think to myself, "The road doesn't seem that treacherous. I'm sure if I was careful, I could make it through without too much collateral damage." And so I maneuver around the warning signs and I do eventually make it to the other side but I sure end up with a lot of bruises and scrapes that I probably didn't have to have.

Someone compared it to bumper bowling and how we stay basically on the same path but there are bumpers around us to help us bounce back in line. I sure do a lot of bouncing!

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