Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've been told what I write is too weird so I've tried to ration and tone down my writing a little. This past week Alan was at Scout Camp so I had from Monday to Saturday all on my own. I should never have been raised as basically an only child (I was an 8-years-later-oops) by a very busy single mom. Being alone doesn't bother me - in fact, I look forward to it. Me getting to be alone is as beneficial to my mental health as a good fishing trip is for Alan! The weather was my friend as it rained and rained and rained through Wednesday. I didn't have to water the lawn or the garden. I'm sure Alan was much relieved about that.

I am very lucky to have my family all close, though, so company and companionship was easy to arrange. I spent a night at Amber's and watched a storm full of thunder and lightening roll in over the mountains right above her house. Since she lives just a half mile from where my Grandma Ward lived and at the base of the same mountains, it reminded me of how Mom used to tell me how nervous her mother, Grandma Ward, would get when a storm full of lightening hit. She would watch the lightening storm and pray the men had been able to get off the machinery so they wouldn't be a lightening rod. I spent time with Nellie and Carter, had peach ice cream with Krisy and the boys, and then all the grandkids came and played Friday afternoon. Jodi came in the house with a princess crown on her head and announced that she was the 'perfect princess'. I'm glad she knows that!!! I hope she never forgets it, either. Then, of course, Mariah came along with a wispy green bug she'd caught. Hunter and Brian have actually started playing together better. For a few minutes at least. Hunter gave us an anatomy lesson during lunch. Saturday morning was the Search and Rescue breakfast which has become a tradition now. And then Alan was home! I couldn't believe my week was actually gone that fast!

Before Grampa left for camp, he told Tyler he'd pay him $5.00 if he'd mow the lawn. It wasn't really dry enough until Friday so Friday night we tackled the front lawn. I was reminded of much more while helping him than I was when I was mowing (earlier post). At one point I thought the one pine tree had swallowed him whole. Too bad I didn't have my camera out at that point. The snowball bush just about got him, too. I was the bag dumper and picture taker. I think there were a couple of times when he wished I would help him first and take pictures later.

Thanks for the fun week. And I am glad Alan is home . . . the garden needs to be weeded!


  1. What a wonderful mother and grandmother you are. The memories you are building are priceless. I love you, Janis.


  2. We had a lot of fun playing with you! Thanks for letting us all descend on your house and your alone time! RTILYABAAP!