Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memories for Sale

Yes, I know. It's rolled into Saturday. Somewhere along the line a spring sprung in my internal clock or something. Anyway, we're having a yard sale tomorrow. I mean today. As always, I'm running around in the last minute pulling stuff off shelves and out of drawers and totes and bags and corners and sheds and wherever else it has sat for the last umpteen years not being used. I used to think of this as simplifying but I read something that said simplifying doesn't mean making do with less but rather appreciating the important things more. How do you figure out what's important? Is it important if it's more useful? Or is it important because it's older? Maybe if it's seen more action than something else? What about if it talks???

So, Alan's out in the shed showing me all the stuff I can pull out and sell. He points to a pile of stuff and starts listing off what's in the pile - a canopy, some old fishing paraphernalia, some old tents. When he gets to the tent part I see our first tent.

Oh, my gosh, if that tent could talk. We thought we were in hog heaven because it was plenty big enough for us and all our stuff. Us being me, Alan and baby Nate. It was a pain to put up, though. The maiden voyage for this tent was in June 1978, when Nathan was about nine months old. We went to Mirror Lake. We took one step out of the car and were immediately bombarded by the biggest mosquitoes I had ever seen up to that point and I've never seen bigger since. I sat in the car with Nathan while Alan put up the tent and then we dashed him into the tent, zipped it up and spent the rest of the time in there. It's a six-man tent but as the years went by, it barely held two adults and four little kids.

Underneath that tent, in an unfamiliar army-green duffel bag, Alan points out another old tent. One his mom made for him when he was 12 years old and going off to Maple Dell for Scout camp. News to me. I've never known about this tent. He claims he's had it ever since we got married but I'm not buying it. Anyway, no way he's selling that tent! It's kind of a penthouse of pup tents in that it's taller than I think a pup tent usually is. He's put it up now and we'll see how long it takes the grandkids to fall in love with it. I think I can figure out how she made it and I may have to add it to my menagerie of tent ideas. Obviously, I can't take a picture now, but I'll get one in the morning and add it.

So here's the tent. The wind was blowing so it looks a little scraggly. Well, it is a little scraggly considering . . . well . . . how old is Alan now???? I was right, though, the grandkids loved it. And . . . drum roll, please . . . I was also right that it hasn't been around since we got married! Nathan went and looked at it and said he remembers Joe and him pulling it out of Grandma C's basement and playing with it at her house. Being right once in awhile feels so good!

So, here's to memories past - some of them for sale!!


  1. I remember that tent...a pain in the behind to set up!!

  2. Grandma had that tent and Nate and I took it...with her permission. I used it when I was a scout and slept in it when I was on the staff at some scout camp...It is a cool tent.