Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Update of Sorts

Well, not sure how honest I should be with our skunk update. Suffice it to say the smaller skunk met its demise in a barrel of water. 'Someone' told Alan they don't spray that way. I was feeling a little guilty about the whole thing. I mean, Heavenly Father created skunks, too, and even blessed them with a means of survival. However, we've also been commanded to harvest a garden and put up food in order to be more self-sufficient. This has become one of those areas I generally try to avoid. The day after the skunk departed this world, I went out the basement door only to have the immediate feeling I had been thrust into a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds". The backyard became winged and from the grass to the trees, it took flight. . . with skunk birds! I was sure the little skunk had been reincarnated and was bringing revenge down on us all. I slammed the door and went running upstairs to alert Alan of the wrath he had brought down upon us all.

There's a reason Alan is in my life. He calmed me down and quickly educated me to the fact that they were not skunk birds but magpies. Magpies may not be skunks, but they are similar in that they are also enjoying a free feast in our garden this year.

Well, back to the real skunks. Alan has figured out 'his' skunk is too big for the trap he has borrowed from Scott. Every night the bait is gone and the trap is tripped (say that three times fast) but there is no skunk. He's thinking the skunk is so big, it gets in and reaches the bait but is still in the way of the door so it can't shut and trap him in there. Saturday night, the mighty hunter came home with the mother of all traps! (Why do we always refer to something that is the biggest or the meanest as the "mother" of all????) The box says you can catch coyote, fox or possibly a small cow. Okay, now Alan's fish story talent is rubbing off on me and I'm exaggerating. But the trap is big. Carter stayed with me all day Saturday, spent the night (all by himself!!!) and went to church with us the next morning. Before going to bed Saturday, he helped Grampa set up the 'big' trap so they could catch the 'big' skunk. Grampa had him shining the flashlight down the rows of corn to make sure the skunk wasn't already there. Nothing like sacrificing the grandson! It didn't last long, though, as Carter got spooked and came in to get mean old brave Gramma. Needless to say, Carter went to sleep that night with visions of trapped skunks in his head.

First thing in the morning, he had to go out and check the trap. He came back in all excited. The trap had worked! "We've caught a cat! And it's mad!" Sure enough. There was a great big, long-haired gray cat in the trap. It could be heard yowling the minute you opened the door. It was hissing things that I'm sure we shouldn't be hearing at all, let alone on a Sunday! Grampa was hesitant to just let it out, thinking it was just going to come back. Ummmm. . .I don't think so. Unless it's really not very smart.

And then, later this afternoon, a couple of skunk birds flew into the trap. So, we're catching everything but Alan's 'big' skunk. We have been able to eat more of this new crop of corn, though, and it's yummy! The skunk birds are sucking the insides out of the tomatoes so we'll have to figure that one out. Gotta have our salsa!

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. I can hardly wait for the next episode. I love your stories and "words of wisdom". I love you, Janis, and your family. Oh, the memories your children and grandchildren will tell.