Monday, August 10, 2009

Learning Something New . . . Again

We learned something new today. These 25-30 skunk birds that have settled in our little space bubble are all orphans and . . . a protected specie! Evidently this is the time of year when all the mommy and daddy skunk birds gather their young ones together for one last group hug and then push them out of the nest. As these myriads of orphaned skunk birds take off through the sky to scavenge their futures, naturally, they start to band together. There's safety in numbers, right?

So, not only do these poor little orphans get free food from our garden, they also get a free ride to some spot far, far away. (That's a pretty accurate description of the majority of the clients where I work.) Sorry. I shouldn't editorialize so randomly. Anyway, hopefully we get the birds far enough out of town so they can't find their way back to our garden. Tonight I was starting to get worried Alan was going to go to jail for killing one of these victims of the generational rules of society while trying to get it out of the cage. Evidently it didn't trust Alan. How strange?? No trust for the trap setter??

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  1. I swear you crack me up. The adventures of Alan and Janis are my entertainment!