Saturday, August 15, 2009

Literally a Handful!

Don't these pictures show a parent's responsibility and devotion and love so simply? I was amazed when I looked at them side by side as I could see how a parent 1)walks by your side to be able to pull you back before you do a serious face plant in the dirt; 2)stands behind you, believing in you and supporting you no matter what you want to attempt; and 3)steps out in front of the bus, so to speak, to protect you from harm (sometimes yourself).

I think the clearest picture memory I have of my babies is holding each of them and looking in their deep, bottomless black eyes and promising that I would never let anything or anybody hurt them. I've made a fool of myself several times keeping that promise, too. I've made enemies, sometimes of those I meant to protect. Does every mother make that promise or was I just too young and naive to know what all a promise like that would commit me to? I'd like to think every mother makes a similar promise and that we have every good intention of keeping it . . . up until . . . well, I don't know as I'll ever quit throwing my arm across the front seat when I suddenly hit the brakes, protecting some shadow of a child from years gone by from flying through the windshield. Sorry kids.

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