Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Statistical Update

To date the mighty hunter and his trap(s) have caught:
  • 1 small skunk, no longer in this realm
  • 1 very mad cat, who knows where
  • 1 squirrel, heart attack victim or some other unknown cause
  • 11 skunk birds, which have been relocated
Still at large and on Alan's most wanted list:

  • 1 HUGE skunk
When the kids were little, I always felt like they could come and film the Wild Kingdom at my house most anytime. However, I'm feeling it more now with Alan. I can just imagine what the commercials would be: no-fail live traps that shut no matter how big the prey, GPS systems with the nearest bird refuges already mapped in, electric fences???, tomato juice, and perhaps artificial corn stalks with ears of corn that are like fly traps or they squeak or have some other alert system built in. I see a long-running series coming already with lots of offshoot shows as they follow each of the mis-trapped victims through rehab. Definitely on one of the educational channels, too!

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