Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can You Say: "That's one mell of a hess!!!"

And that was at 2:30am.

Can I just express my gratitude that the reaping season is going to freeze tonight? I'm still going to bottle apple pie filling. I think. But at least the bulk of it is over.

The other day I was walking out through the garden to pick salsa ingredients. I was stumbling across downed brown corn stalks, naked ears of corn waiting to decompose and already withered bean plants. I couldn't help it but my first thought was, "I am so glad this garden is getting so empty!" Right on the heels of that thought, however, was the reminder of a day only a month or two earlier when I was once again walking out through the garden. My thought then (after the "Oh, crap, I hope I don't run into Alan's skunk!" thought), was, "Look how beautiful all this green stuff is. It's alive and growing and I love the freedom of going out and picking fresh food. I'm so glad Alan is willing to work so hard to provide that luxury!" Didn't take me long to change my tune, did it? Some people just keep hoping for the best of a dozen different worlds at the same time, I guess. From the pea picking festival to picking the one (1) pumpkin, Alan's garden has created a gazillion family memories and traditions and opportunities (not as many as Alan would like, I'm sure) to spend time together. A bunch of us did get together and help him weed it once this year! Some of the most fun times I've had have been having my girls (all four of them) come and help with the canning projects, too.

Anyway, Alan, here's your much neglected "Thank You"  for all your hard work.

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  1. That's okay, call it whatever you want. You said it exactly right, just as mother would have said.
    Love you.