Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hear I Am! Here I Am!

As part of our campout in the Unitas this weekend, I went on a hike by myself (see post above). Much of the trail I followed went through forested areas and then would open up on beautiful spreading meadows. It was amazing. There was one small clearing that was protected by tall pine trees and quakies. Some older trees had fallen down and created a natural barrier around a small spot that had obviously been used by campers. The sun wasn't quite straight up yet and so it was struggling to get through the pines. It was actually quite spiritual for me. As I looked around, I couldn't help wondering how often I am like the tallest of the pine trees and can feel the light and heat of the sun readily. I then compared that to how much more often I feel like the tiny scrub oaks and Charlie Brown Christmas trees that are struggling to get the smallest ray of light and be acknowledged as to their existence.

Joshua Kadison has a song entitled "Invisible Man". In the song he talks about waking up one morning with a strange feeling that he can't identify. He goes to the mirror to confirm the fact he is still there. Then he goes over to the window and opens it and shouts out of it, "Here I am! Here I am!" Lights start coming on all around and people yell out their windows, "Will the crazy man go back to sleep?" He just stands at his window feeling so good and laughing because someone actually heard what he said and so he knows he really does exist and has not been forgotten. Then he says,

"Well it's no big thing, no revelation

No answer to these lives we lead

But I think I do know one thing

Sometimes I think we all need to say

"Here I am, here I am, here I am"

When life makes us feel like the invisible man".
That's kind of how I felt in those trees. I guess even on the days I'm a scrub oak, I can shout, "Here I am" and know I am heard.

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