Friday, September 11, 2009

Victims of the Great Trapper's Trap

I do think he's done for the season. I hope.


1 deer, as evidenced by tracks in the corn (will he buy an even bigger trap???)

1 LARGE Skunk, sneaky, agile, whereabouts still unknown


1 very mad gray cat, let loose

1 small skunk, no longer in this realm

1 very mad gray cat, let loose

12 skunk birds, relocated to various locations

1 squirrel, died of causes unknown

1 very dumb and mad gray cat, relocated to a more trap-free environment

1 neighbor's dog, returned to owner

1 gray striped cat, relocated to Amber's

1 squirrel, still alive at this point (2nd one)

1 squirrel (3rd one)

1 claustrophobic, psychotic cat, last seen running into the sunset

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