Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 Picture = 1,000 Words

I was so jealous of Betty getting to keep the Smart Card the day we went into Chicago. I couldn't sleep. I had trouble eating (ha, ha). I wandered around wringing my hands wondering how I could convince her to give it to me. Finally, on Monday, my last day in Illinois, I was forced to come to the realization she was not going to give up her Smart Card. I proceeded to concoct a plan whereby I could coerce my sis into making a special trip back to the Barrington Train Station so I could get my very own Smart Card. My plan worked and I felt immediate relief. Especially since I ended up so much smarter than her: My $20 Smart Card cost me $21. Betty's only cost her $20. I immediately put my card in a secure place in my purse so I could totally absorb the full effect of it later. I felt empowered as I left the train station, knowing I would soon be smart in two states, Illinois and Utah!!

And then it was home. I decided next year I will select one of the seats by the emergency exits. They have lots of leg room and overhead storage space. Besides, who would know if I got the emergency door opened and slid down the chute first without helping everyone else? The television cameras usually aren't on scene that fast and it would hopefully take anyone still alive longer than that to locate their cell phones and turn them on. Anyway, that's the plan at this point.

My life was waiting for me, too. The escalator had barely started its descent when I recognized his shoes. I'll have to think about that for awhile. It was the same feeling I had when I finally saw Betty and Allen at O'Hare. Relief mixed with happiness mixed with comfort tied together with a lot of gratitude for someone ready and willing to rescue me from blending into anonymity. I wonder if there will be the same proportion of strangers to friendly faces in heaven as there was at the airport? I hope the numbers will lean more towards friendly ones. Are there gates and escalators in heaven? Security? Let's hope I've packed my bags more efficiently by then and hopefully not all my baggage will catch up with me!!!! I could ramble for quite awhile on this but I think I'll quit now. It's good to be home. I'm stinking excited to go back.


  1. I still find myself chuckling at odd times...while asleep, in the bathroom, while at the computer, brushing my teeth, watching tv, crocheting...well you get the picture. How are we ever going to top this year. I was thinking we could try to find Water Tower Place...oh, boy!