Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Layman's Theory of the Suitcase

  1. The efficiency in which one can pack one's suitcase for a short trip is a direct indication of how efficiently one uses one's time in one's own life.  

  2. The way one's suitcase looks after living out of it during said short trip is in direct correlation to how one left one's house before said short trip. 

  3. The closeness to which one can repack one's suitcase after said short trip is directly proportionate to one's ability to merge seamlessly back into reality after returning from said short trip. 

  4. The percentage of items hanging out of one's suitcase or stuck in the zipper of one's suitcase after finally getting it closed is equal to or less than the number of items in one's life still hanging out there undone, waiting upon one's return. 

  5. The weight of one's suitcase after repacking to return after said short trip is equal to or less than the weight one gained on said short trip.  

If any of the above-mentioned theorems can be proved true through either mathematical or practical methods, I am in deep doo-doo. Not just up to the tongue of my shoe deep doo-doo but, at the very minimum, mid-calf deep doo-doo. Not like any of it would be any great surprise, though.

I went with Betty and Allen to my niece's house and had dinner with her and my two nephews and their families. Oh, my! Amazing to see how their children each have characteristics of them when they were little and playing with my kids. Or rather my kids were bugging them. Rich brought me some pictures he had taken that contained members of my family from 1981. I thought I was going to cry! I now can honestly say I have an angelic picture of Nathan! And there's a picture of him in front of my orange VW Beetle. I loved that car. Anyway, I had a ball watching all their kids play together and pick on their grandpa. Thanks for the fun time!

I guess it's home tomorrow. And then the countdown begins . . .


  1. Hey, you have some tongue twisters there in your theorems, but I take it you had some fun. Be careful going home (to open arms).

  2. I am so glad that you blogged your whole trip!Love it!

  3. You missed a GREAT party last night with the entire famiy! :) Glad you've had fun but also glad you're on your way home. Love ya, have a safe trip.