Friday, October 23, 2009

Eyeball Soup with Cat's Claws and Witch's Warts

Chaos reigned supreme as the grandkids came and decorated spookie cookies. Everyone got fed soup with snakes on the side and witch's brew to drink. I think they had fun. When it was winding down, I actually laid on the floor and thought I could have them come and decorate Christmas cookies so it must not have been too bad.

Well, maybe not everyone was having a crazy time

The finished products:

After the cookie mess was over, I was amazed to see little boys so excited to chase each other with Eeyore purses slung over their shoulders! They were screaming like girls, though, so I guess it all fit. Nate even got into the melee and allowed himself to be tormented which is pretty well a first. We missed Joe and his family (they're deer hunting) but I'm sure we'll catch them another time.


  1. You still get the prize for being the best grandmother. I can't believe all the great things you do with and for your grandkids.

  2. What a handsome sleeping man! ;) Thanks for having us all over, it was a LOT of fun! Next time I won't tell a half sleepy child that they are eating a snake eye. Ha Ha!