Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Annual Chicago Shopping Spree!

Yup. We've decided to try and make this an annual event. Which means that the first one has been a riot!

Today, Betty and I conquered not only the train but also downtown Chicago! We are woman, hear us roar! We bought a "Smart Card" and boy was it worth its weight in feathers! We were smarter from the get-go only not everyone around us realized it. Had they been aware of the smartness they were sitting around, they would have gleaned all they could from us. As it was, we just had to revel in it ourselves.

We also got more than our fair share of exercise in because we lost the caramel popcorn store we had smelled when our expedition first began. Between Betty's OCD and my just plain directional stupidity, we did relocate it. Third time around. I was assured this delicious, third-generation recipe caramel popcorn would last until I got home but there were no specifics as to whether that was in the bag or on my thighs. I give you one guess . . .

We found killer deals at Macy's, too. Lots of their stuff was 50% off. This is one bargain neither one of us could pass up! I have such a purse fetish anyway. Who wouldn't expect me to come home with a new one? And bigger. Forget the fact that I'm flying on a very small plane!

Check out the sale price on this can't-live-without-it bag:

Yes, folks, a mere $214.00 for this purse. Sale prices are marked. Now that Alan has fallen off his chair in shock and total disbelief (ha, ha), I want you to know I resisted the impulse to snatch up two of these money-saving deals (if something is half price, it's only reasonable to buy two of them). I maintained my country-bumpkin dignity.

And, dang it, I forgot to take a picture of this so you'll just have to take my word for it, (sit down - it will be difficult) but please believe me when I say I really did go to not just one, but two different WalMart's. Shocking, I know.

And, highlight of highlights, you can buy Max in a six-pack of 24-oz bottles here. When I saw them at the store, I just stood there and caressed a pack. Then I noticed a lady was trying to get around me. Betty apologized for me and the lady actually acknowledged that it was fine, she had recognized the special moment for what it was and was more than willing to treat it with respectable reverence. Could I have been that obvious??????

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  1. Max must mean a lot to you if complete strangers recognize the fondness! Love the story!