Saturday, November 7, 2009

And the Correct Answer is . . .

The final answer is: Herbie Tate. Herbie (thanks to Alan) as in Herbie Hairball; Herbie (thanks to Janis) as in the Love Bug and hers was orange, back in the day; Herbie (for the grandkids) as in they all like the Disney movies about Herbie. Tate (thanks to Carter) because that was his suggestion for a name and his definition of 'suggestion' is 'this is what it will be'. So, Herbie Tate it is. At least in formal settings. At this point (two months old) he enjoys digging in and burying himself in his litter box and peeing on the floor. And that particular chew toy Herbie Tate is so cutely playing with is now in two pieces so: BEWARE OF DOG!

I am lucky enough to have a picture of what Herbie Tate will look like when he grows up. Either that or it's Alan trying to look like Herbie Tate in an effort to get as much affection. Actually, Alan sent this to me before Halloween and it was the perfect opportunity for me to prepare him for the fact that I was looking for a Shih Tzu with that same coloring. I don't think he realized how serious I was at the time.


  1. No offense to the man with the straggly mane but I'll take the little guy. Herbie Tate is a very charming name.

  2. Ha Ha! What a perfect resemblance! Love you dad!