Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From the Mouth (or should I say 'nose') of Babes

I have the opportunity of babysitting Hunter for a couple of days. Which means he got to accompany me to my work while I did my CPR recertification. He was fine until I made him use hand sanitizer on his hands after playing with a toy in the reception area. Then he started itching his eye. And wouldn't stop. Pretty soon he looked like a poor little homeless urchin with his red, swollen eye. Then he sneezed several times, creating a trail of stuff that is beyond words. In exasperation I asked, "Where is all this coming from, Hunter?" [Meaning, of course, "Why all of a sudden are you looking like I beat you and acting like your sick?" Like people aren't already hypervigilant enough with all the flu scare going on!]

Hunter's reply was swift and to the point, "From Hunter's nose, Ma-ma." Duh.


  1. speaking of stuff that is beyond words, how's your colon? He's so cute and I bet you didn't spoil him a bit.

  2. Thanks for watching him for us! Hunter is so cute!! Love him to pieces!

  3. Thanks for taking me to lunch with you and H. He just cracks me up! Can't wait to have him Friday.