Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grateful to be a Grandma

I don't think I could ever feel any grander than when Mariah introduced me to her class as "Grandma Janis". What better title in all the world is there? Besides "Mother", of course.

I had the most fantastic afternoon with Mariah at Grandparents Day in her Kindergarten class. They sang songs to us - one that made me want to cry - and then made us do the actions to a funny song with them. Then we got to decorate paper grocery bags that the teacher will take back to the store and when you buy groceries at that particular store, you just might get a decorated bag. Whoever gets Mariah's will get the best one in the whole place!!! She made a wild turkey under a rainbow and with a bear chasing it (the black place is a bear paw print). I have a new appreciation for Kindergarten teachers!

When we were done, we got to get Jodi out early and we went and had root beer floats/freezes. Hmmm. Doesn't get much better than grandmahood!

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  1. How fun! And isn't she wearing an outfit that you made? You are a GREAT grandma. We love you!