Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Have a Card that Says So

I am officially certified again until November 2010. I can give rescue breaths or CPR or whatever it's called now. Blow air into someone who for some reason is temporarily unable to take oxygen into their body on their own. Amazing to realize how absolutely necessary that air is for these bodies Heavenly Father created for us. Every internal organ requires oxygen to perform its function. And now I have a card that certifies I can administer that life-saving ingredient. Wow.

May I just say, I hope I am never in a situation where someone's life depends on me to give them that air.

Or maybe I already am. Maybe I've been in that type of situation since the day I was born. Maybe we all have. I wonder how many people's internal organs have suffered because I wasn't in a position to give them the life-saving help they needed? Was I being selfish or was I blissfully ignorant to their needs? Or was I gasping for air myself? Kind of hard to give what you don't have. I wonder what training it takes to be certified to give spiritual rescue breaths? The test said I have to remember to do these three things:

1, Check the scene

           - what caused this situation; is it safe now?

2. Call for help

           - has more specialized, professional help been called for?

3. Check for circulation

           - is there blood spurting (or just oozing ever so slightly) from some unseen wound?

Maybe the test I took today for the Red Cross and my employment actually empowered me with the same knowledge I need in any situation - physical or spiritual or emotional or mental. Maybe there's more truth to what I say when I jokingly tell someone (or myself), "Breathe, breathe," when the stress of the moment is taking control. Slowly taking in life-carrying oxygen so those internal organs can do what they do best - function efficiently and maintain their optimum output. Hmmmm

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