Monday, November 23, 2009

My Two Trees

Crazy, I know, but these two trees are my most favorite trees in the whole yard. I wanted to have a foresty looking frontyard but it hasn't really 'grown' into what I had originally imagined. Go figure.

Both these trees were planted at the same time. They're both evergreens. One has obviously grown up while the other has grown out.

When they were still fairly new, one of them got run over when the drunk driver ran through our front yard. The other one suffered from a massive infusion of salt to its roots when the Culligan Man dumped the remaining salt water out of a water softener in a spot that was slightly uphill from where the tree was. Path of least resistance had the tree smack dab in its crosshairs.

So, one of my trees suffered an external conflict. The other tree was attacked internally by such a vicious plot that its very roots were involved. However, they both bounced back from their individual afflictions in very different, character-creating ways. And, yes, so glad Heavenly Father looks beyond our outward appearance!!!  It's definitely what's inside that counts! Anyway, that's why they're my favorite trees.

PS: You may find me chained to the most 'interestingly' shaped tree one of these days, though, as I continually find it in the crosshairs of Alan's chainsaw.

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