Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chin Up

I always felt there was a deeper meaning to me telling my kids to keep their chin up during struggles. However, I think I've come to realize just how inspired I am to use that particular instruction as one of my many trite pieces of advice.

I have an old Charlie Brown comic strip where Lucy is showing Charlie Brown a handful of coins she has found. He is immediately interested and asks her how she found all that money. Lucy tells him she keeps her eyes on the ground at all times. Of course, Charlie Brown is not going to be left out, so he immediately adopts her philosophy and hunches over so he can see the ground while he walks around. In the last frame, you see a $5 bill floating past in the air above him. Naturally he doesn't see it because his eyes are on the ground looking for the pennies and nickels and dimes. So now add that to what I was reminded of in Primary Sunday . . .

. . . When Heavenly Father wanted to help the wisemen find Baby Jesus, what sign did He give them? A Star. And where was that sign? UP in the sky. And when Heavenly Father wanted the shepherds to be able to know about Baby Jesus' birth, how did He tell them? Angels singing. And where were those Angels? UP in the heavens. Where does Heavenly Father have us look for signs? UP. I was thinking of a gazillion examples of this in the scriptures. Always, we need only look UP.

If the chin is up, so are the eyes. If the eyes are up, signs are seen. Worth more than $5 bills.

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  1. I love that! I'll be using it for visiting teaching, you can be sure of that. Thanks for another excellent post. Keep them coming!