Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Am My Own Evidence

One of my favorite TV shows is Cold Case. I especially love how they pull it all together at the end and show resolution and peace and forgiveness. Tonight the main part of the plot revolved around a teenager who was a member of the debate team at his school. There were a lot of mini plots where different aspects of debating were discussed and explained. It was quite interesting. In case you missed it, I'll spoil it for you and tell you the kid didn't commit suicide because he lost the debate - he was killed because he had come to the conclusion he needed to quit the team and his debate coach wasn't really excited about his decision.

Anyway, a couple of points that jumped out at me were:

  1. The only person who can judge you is you.

  2. I am my own evidence.

Specifically point #2. The main character spent all his time researching for every debate meet - thousands of pages he would read and memorize and take notes on - just to prove his side of the debate. He created his last case on his own and was sure he could win because it was about the kind of life he was familiar with. Therefore the statement, "I am my own evidence."

The only way I could ever come close to being a debater is if I could take at least a two hour recess and review everything and then come back and wrap it up - I'm not a spur of the moment thinker or talker. However, I seem to carry on quite a few debates with myself on an ongoing basis. And I can't help but wonder, what point is my evidence proving?

Is it proving that I know who I am and where I came from or is it proving that I am more natural man than spiritual? Does my evidence show specifics or vague blowing-in-the-wind ideas? Bottom line - what do I want my evidence to prove? Still thinking on this.

Off that subject, I changed the music for my blog. I love Christmas music. When the kids were little, I started playing Christmas music on Halloween night. I like variety but I can't hear enough of "The Little Drummer Boy". That is my all time favorite. So there are several different renditions of it. Roger Whitaker and Neil Diamond are at the top of the list too. And the Forgotten Carols - some of them anyway. With the sifting of snow we got yesterday, I'm definitely getting in the Christmas mood.

Alan and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. Miracle of miracles, we spent the entire day together and we both lived to tell about it! Anyway, I bought me a shirt at Sears that just says "Don't Stop Believin'". I won't. Not in the magic or the fun or the poignant or the miraculous or the spiritual or the 'Black Friday Fun'. I believe in it all. So, as I play Christmas music more and more often, and don my new t-shirt and work away in my sewing room, my evidence will prove it is a joyous season of the year. And I LOVE IT!!!

Now if I can just get my tree up before the family party Wednesday!!


  1. Love your new look, your post, and your sense of humor. Did you get rid of Herbie or the alternative?

  2. Hey, you got the office decorated!! Two extra brownie points for you!!