Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Birds and the Bees - Nativity Style

Bear with me as I try and be as discrete as possible.

Tyler and Layne came over this afternoon. Tyler was being taught how to be viscious and ruthless at checkers by Grampa so Layne helped me put out some Nativity sets. I have the Fisher Price set so I don't have to worry about little hands breaking pieces. I also have what's left of a very basic ceramic Nativity scene which I made in Relief Society umpteen years ago. I didn't make the whole array because I knew what the life expectancy of fragile niceties were in my house. I actually think Joseph bit the dust the first year. If not the first one, the second one. So I just have a donkey, a manger, Mary and baby Jesus. Well, this is what our first attempt looked like:

Notice anything (body) missing?

Yup. Baby Jesus is nowhere to be found. It's one thing to not have Joseph. He could be off visiting with the Wisemen or the Shepherds (if he was related to Alan). But no Baby? Layne and I look through the whole box of decorations and find no Baby. I know I try and pack the pieces away as carefully as possible so they are less likely to get broken or lost. So I'm racking my brain trying to think where I would have stored the Baby in hopes of avoiding this very situation. Then I remember. These ceramics are hollow.

With Layne by my side, I pick up Mary, give her a gentle shake, and,

 Lo and Behold . . .

"Gramma, look, Baby Jesus was inside Mary!"

I don't think the Angelic Choir could have announced it any more clearly. Luckily for Gramma there was no additional conversation or questions around the entire situation. {Ha! I just thought of something even more ironical. There is no Joseph and still . . . I'll leave the rest up to you.} 

Anyway, now the manger isn't empty and Mary has her baby to watch over and protect. She doesn't look all that bad for having just delivered a baby, either, does she?