Friday, December 11, 2009

The Dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday. Love that. I chipped a tooth while eating - what else - a frozen chocolate chip. Like the dentist said, at least it was worth it. As luck would have it, my tooth will need a crown. So, the dentist filed and sanded and drilled and squirted and sucked and molded and x-rayed and did whatever else it is dentists learn to do in their six plus years of school. An hour later, he was finished and my previously chipped tooth was ready for the temporary crown to be temporarily cemented in place. {As opposed to the permanent crown being permanently cemented in place} Thank goodness for several mouth-numbing injections and lots of nitrous oxide!!! I felt no pain while my tooth was being fitted for its crown.

Why, then, must I feel so much pain and anguish while I am being fitted for my eternal crown? Is an hour in the dentist chair equivelant to a lifetime? I know there are answers to those questions. There is prayer and scriptures and personal inspiration and temple attendance to help deal with the pain. And I guess it's got to hurt more because I'm being perfected and the dentist was merely putting a protective covering on my tooth.

Anyway, I was just wondering.

And I'm sure I'll still eat frozen chocolate chips because I do love chocolate. I guess I'm destined to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over. At least I know what my mistake was this time. Most of the time it seems I screw up just because I'm more addicted to being human than I am to chocolate.


  1. My advice, if you have a craving for frozen chocolate chips again, is to put some in your mouth, take a deep breath, and suck, suck, suck.
    You may think that applies to this post!

  2. I just remembered that I lead an Addiction Recovery meeting. Being addicted to being human is a great addiction. Come join our group.

  3. Believe me, if I were closer, I'd be all over that! But, then, if I were closer, I'd be bugging you to the point you'd be eating frozen chocolate chips!

  4. Why can't you just let them melt in your mouth? The taste would last longer and be oh so succulent. Sorry about your tooth. Crowns are expensive.

  5. I miss my Janis time! That doesn't mean that I am wishing to come to work anytime soon! However, I will be happy to see you! I caught up on all your posts, as usual laughed and made me feel better!

  6. I remember that time I drove past the dentist and saw that you were there. Thought I would stop in and pay you a little visit. There you were, practically strapped in the chair because of the "happy gas" tubes and curled in the fetal position. Not to mention all the times that the dentist tells the grandkids how much better they are than their grandma!