Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who decided the New Year would begin on January 1st?

Since my partner in crime has had a convenient lapse in memory, I am forced to take on this rebellion in singular fashion. I'm boycotting the New Year beginining on January 1st. Not that I'm a religious resolution-setter anyway, but still. Think about it:

  • I'm supposed to be all googly excited about new starts when even Mother Nature's starts are frozen in the ground.

  • I'm supposed to be turning over a new leaf when the majority of them have been raked up and, if I do find one to turn over, it's all brown and moldy.

  • I'm supposed to feel rejuvenated and reborn when it's the middle of the dormant season. Animals are hybernating, for heaven's sake, why am I supposed to be all bubbly with energy?


  • Why not think about new starts when the earth is oozing with little buds getting greener by the minute from the sunshine?

  • Why not consider turning over a new leaf when trees are bulging with little tiny backbones hunching, anticipating their breaking out into whispy little appendages?

  • Why not harness all my spiritual energy when the alive season is starting. "Spring" says it all. It's a come-alive word with images of Tigger bouncing all over the place and Eeyore isn't quite so blue from the cold.

So don't look for any miraculous, marvelous, monumental milestones from me until at least March. I've always been the black sheep; the one with rebel blood in my veins. Some things will never change no matter when resolutions are supposed to be made.

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  1. Even though I don't remember changing New Years Day, I totally agree with our decision. Makes sense to me. Why should there be higher expectations for humans and not for tree roots, moldy leaves, and animals. I'm right on their level a great deal of the time. Always love your blog.