Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wholly Holey - Wholly Holy

This is a whole bunch of nothing but, so what else is new, right? I've been trying to crochet a scarf with some chunky Light & Lofty yarn. The kind of yarn that's so soft you could fill one of those ball bins with it, jump in, pull it all up around you and just stay there forever. However, because of all the chunkiness and texture, it's been difficult, to say the least, to crochet with. Where I've been is immediately filled up with the loftiness of it and where the next stitch needs to be is not just an open space crying out for the crochet hook to dive in. I've had to feel for the placement of each stitch. In fact, when I was first starting this project, I turned all the lights off. I figured since I had to feel for the space whether the light was on or not, I might as well enjoy the ambience of the flickering Christmas tree lights while I worked on it.

I couldn't help but think that this is how my mom crocheted hundreds of afghans - by feeling where to insert the crochet hook each time. After that many, her fingers were adept at staying in place and guiding her hook as she created masterpieces out of yarn. The Law of Compensation. Practice Makes Perfect. However you want to explain it. And, granted, like anything I persist at, I've noticed that over time I've developed the senses and abilities needed to be proficient. But still . . .

Well so then my next thought was . . . I bet this is how the Savior touches and works with us to create our Masterpiece. Obviously He's already proficient at the Process of Creation. Unlike my hands that become calloused after repitiously (is that a word?) doing the same thing, His hands would be soft and tender and He'd know right to put His hands to guide the stitches needed to make me Whole. I just need to trust, I guess and stop unraveling everything He does!

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  1. So many memories of mom crocheting afghans, aren't there? I remember she would say you had taken her and helped her match yarn, etc., and each project was in it's own little plastic basket. I hope we get to crochet in heaven. Then your yarn would really be holy.