Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And How Are You Doing????

I am fine. Not sure I picked a good time of my life to quit taking antidepressants, though! Thank goodness for good friends like Max who put up with whatever I dish out!

And who do we have here on the right??? None other than the shapely . . . Maxine! Doesn't every inch of her scream, "Reach out and grab me!"? I was a little leery about whether or not Max would accept Maxine - After all she is rather transparent. Max hides behind his smooth aluminum exterior but Maxine definitely has some issues bottled up insider her, too. But, not to worry, Max is obviously quite taken with Maxine. Too bad she's not the tall, slender model type that can be found in Illinois. Out here I have to be content with a slightly shorter, stockier genetic misfire. However, (girls . . . repeat this with me . . .) IT'S WHAT INSIDE THAT COUNTS!

However . . . as you can see . . . by 2:00am, Maxine is a less substantial participant in this whole pointessly dramatic episode. She's beyond transparent. She's beyond shallow. She's empty. In fact, Maxine is consumed with emptiness. Not only does she feel used, Max feels somehow responsible. Maybe there was more he could have done to protect her from being so selfishly emptied.

Alas, Maxine has nothing more to contribute and Max's carbonation is beginning to bubble in frantic fear that he will be next. Only time and desperation will tell.


And with that, I say, "Good Night".


  1. Oh great, so we have a whole family full of rage huh...Scott and his steroids, Amber and her prego, me and my, well, just being me. :) Too many others to name. Hang in there mom, sure do love you! Love the picture of Max too, its nice to finally put a face with the name. Ha, ha.

  2. We're not ALL full of rage. Some of us are just bitter! ;)

  3. I think Max has had TOO much caffeine! Maybe he should share some with me.

  4. In your dreams, oh, bitter one!

  5. I think maybe Grandma has had more Max than recommended!!!! And possibly watched too much of channel This! ~~~ The Bitter One ~~~