Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keep Up With Me Here

I know I've made the comment that I'm thinking way too fast and that's the reason some of my posts come across a little off-the-wall, but try and stay with me on this one.

I was just leaving a post on my sister's blog when I realized I have not been taking full advantage of all the features and choices presented to me in doing so. When I'm leaving a comment, I'm given the option to "Choose an Identity"! Wow! The possibilities are marching through my head so fast I can't grasp them all!

I think today I'd like to be . . .

Ok, well, I guess I'll stay with Justme. Mainly because that's really the only viable choice I'm given but I've worked so hard to become Justme, I'm not sure I'd know where to start if I really truly had the opportunity to be someone else. Maybe I could build me one of those snazzy handheld computers they used on "Quantum Leap" and I could just zap into being someone else for a minute or two. Just to see what it was like. I can't imagine (assuming I survived the breakdown and reconstruction of my cells as I travelled through time and space) how much more understanding and compassionate and empathetic I'd be. I guess since technology is still lacking in this area, I'm glad I have the Savior in my life who tries to teach me things without continuously zapping me from one body/location/situation/time to another.

I'm going to think about it, though. If I go missing then I've thought of someone I'd really rather be and, remember on this day in history, you were warned!

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