Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet My New Friend, Cyrus

Even though I don't read as much as I used to or as much as I should, I still love books - especially children's books. My opinion is that the majority of children's books are written for the adults who are reading them to the children. Maybe I'll have to make one of my tabs across the top a "Book" one and share some of my favorites. You'd have to get to know the Berenstein Bears and Frog & Toad, among others. Something to think about anyway.

 Thanks to Mariah, I have a new friend named Cyrus. It's a book she checked out of the library at her school and I got to read it to her one time when I was at her house. I immediately fell in love with Cyrus.

Cyrus is a sea serpent who is not the least bit fierce - even though his looks may give you a different impression. Cyrus is bored because all he does is wander the sea. One day Shark notices his boredom and tells Cyrus he wouldn't be bored any more if he went out searching for ships to sink and then he could eat all the people. Cyrus argues but in the end Shark calls him a sissy and that doesn't sit well with Cyrus. He sets out to prove that he is just as rough and tough as the rest of them. Cyrus finds a harbor where there are lots of ships. He watches one ship in particular as it loads up with people and heads off to a new land far across the sea. This is the ship he will sink, he decides.

As the ship leaves the harbor, with Cyrus following behind, an old man yells out a passle of warnings to the people on the ship.

"You're in for trouble!" he bellowed. "You'll never make it! You'll run into the doldrums and be stranded forever! Or a storm will take you under! And if a storm doesn't get you the pirates will! You'll never make it, I say!"

Even though Cyrus was planning on destroying the ship and eating all the passengers to prove he's all rough and tough, hearing the old man shout these discouraging things makes Cyrus start worrying about the ship and her passengers. Cyrus decides he'd better follow just to see what happens to them - he's forgotten that he wanted to wreck the ship himself.

Anyway, everything happens just the way the old man predicted but because Cyrus was following them, he was able to help them out of each of the predicaments. Of course when a strange wind comes up and blows them out of the doldrums, they don't realize it's Cyrus. And when the ship is miraculously saved from capsizing during a squall, they don't realize it's Cyrus. When the pirate ship attacks them, though, they see Cyrus for the first time as he breaks the pirate ship in half by coming up underneath it. And, of course, they panic and believe they will be broken up next by this fierce looking sea monster.

The passengers soon realize that isn't going to be the case, however, and when they have survived their perilous journey and reached their destination, they are ever so grateful for Cyrus, their Hero. Cyrus is no longer bored - he's worn out actually - and goes off for a long rest.

Well, okay, you'll have to read it yourself to get all the cool details. Here's my take on it: Cyrus helped them in three ways; by gently nudging them, by protecting them and finally by actually pulling them up onto the beach because their ship was too beat up to make it on its own. They did all they could do, though and Cyrus filled in the gaps. Also:

  • Cyrus didn't have to be something he wasn't. He found his life rewarding without having to go out and wreck ships and eat people and prove himself to Shark.

  • The ship and all her passengers didn't let the rantings of an old man keep them from their journey, which was something that they all had wanted to undertake. They believed strongly enough in the outcome that they were willing to ignore the tauntings of those who didn't agree.

  • And, last but not least, when I'm bored and have no direction, the adversary's ideas always seem more enticing. Not just ideas to DO things but just the adversary's overall negative thoughts.

Thanks Mariah for introducing me to Cyrus. I'm glad I know him. And he's now on Grandma J's bookshelf if someone else wants to get to know him, too.


  1. I enjoyed your book review. Thank you for introducing me to Cyrus, too. Wonderful analogies.

  2. You're the best at blogging. I always love what I learn from you.