Friday, February 26, 2010

Time Line

Have you ever sat down and actually charted out a basic time line of your life? I did a long time ago and came across it while I was looking for something else I'd misplaced. And, no, I never did find what I was originally looking for. Duh!

Anywho, when I got married at age 20, I thought I could safely say I had grown up in Springville. When  Alan and I had moved to Deseret basically as newlyweds (6 months into it) and soon to be parents (6 months into it), I knew our life was just beginning. When we moved to Delta three years and two babies later, I thought I had grown up in Deseret. When we moved here 16 years later, I felt our entire family establishment was being uprooted. We were all a little devastated (in different degrees). All five of our children were born while we lived there. They'd known no other place - they'd 'grown up' there for sure. I could say I'd definitely grown up in Delta. I couldn't imagine we'd really chosen to leave all that. Was it really possible for this family tree to significantly grow anywhere else? Obviously I wasn't seeing past the end of my nose!

Well, we've only been here for 14 years and I can't believe what little of our lives we really did live in that FmHA house on the little dead-end road in Delta. The paper I found was actually from only living here seven years. Here's how it basically laid out:

DELTA: 1977 - 1996

              5 children born (1 stillbirth)

HERE:   1996 - 2003

              4 high school graduations

              3 college graduations

              1 mission

              4 marriages

              3 grandchildren (#4 a month away)

I was amazed! Of course, it's impossible to outline all the memories during each set of dates, which if it were possible, would definitely add some meat to each span of time. I guess maybe I could say I've grown up here. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll never grow up.

Hopefully not.


  1. You should have added a new time line to show what else has happened since 2003. I love that you're not too grown up. :)

  2. That is a great idea. I may have to do that. Just if I can remember the years.

  3. SOON to be parents, Joseph. Grandma Goodsell threatened us with our lives if a baby was born one minute earlier than nine months and I wouldn't want to suffer the wrath of her coming down on me!!!!