Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Annual Anniversary

There were a couple of reasons I started this Blahg a year ago. First, I wanted to do something that was new. Second, I saw where you could actually have your blog printed up and a book made out of it. That piqued something inside of me - the novelty of a random "Year in the Life Of" logbook. Just a different type of journal. So, technically, I should be quitting now as my first entry was April 16, 2009. However, I have to carry on just a bit longer as I didn't get the idea to put in people's birthdays until a few months into the blog so I missed Jodi's birthday last year, which means I have to continue blahging at least until May 7th. But this is Jodi's 8th Birthday, so she will be getting baptized - got to document that. Nellie will be getting married in June so I should probably get that in print, too. That event will also bring another three birthdays (December, March and April). And then Amber's baby is due in June, as well, so I can't stop short of that event. Then there will be the blessing a couple of months after that and then another exciting trip back east and then . . . oh, for heaven's sakes! I'm doomed to never finish anything!

Happy Anniversary to my Blahg!


  1. Your blog can't ever be over, Janis. I love to read what you are thinking. Please keep it going. I love you.

  2. Keep blah, blah, blahging along. We would miss it if you didn't.