Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was mowing the lawn this afternoon and as I mowed around and back and forth among the trees in the front yard, I found myself reminiscing about the history behind each of the trees. Specifically I began to recall the trials that had beset my two fir trees.

The tree which suffered the external forces of nature seems to have overcome any visible side effects. It's growing up in a straight line towards the sky and the needles on the branches are green. The other tree, which experienced challenges that struck at its very roots, is, I'm sorry to say, still obviously struggling. I'm afraid it looks worse this spring than it did last fall, too. So, here I am, pushing the mower, thinking about my trees, (once again comparing their struggles to their current appearances) when an epiphelation strikes me and I immediately (and more intensely than ever before) bonded with the second tree.

The second tree, which is now called "ImaTree", is my testimony, my life, my challenge, my mission, my project . . . whatever. Actually, ImaTree is everyone, at some point in their life. I can't think there are too many people who could honestly say they've never felt like poor ImaTree looks, if only for a brief moment. So, in the time it took me to finish mowing the front lawn (which was quite awhile since I'm not a speed mower), I formulated a plan.

First, since ImaTree has forgotten who she is and what her initial seed was put here to become, she is rather lacking in outward appearances that will attract the other parts of Heavenly Father's creative plan, which in turn will help her to thrive. I can't say that I've seen a bird land on the twisted, gnarled, brown branches of ImaTree. And I for sure know that no person stops to stroke her branches and ogle at how beautiful she is.

So, the first thing I'm going to do is hang a hummingbird feeder on one of her stronger branches. And then, since she is shadowed and protected by a large willow tree (whose twin was totally uprooted by the drunk driver), I'm going to hang a regular bird feeder in one of his branches that reaches over ImaTree. My rationale in these two steps is that now other Creations will be attracted to ImaTree until she can attract them on her own.

I think my second step has been initiated as I questioned Alan about the benefits of fertilizer - a type that I could get right down to the roots. On further thought, though, it might be to ImaTree's benefit if I were a little more direct and actually asked Alan to get me some fertilizer and show me how to apply it. Yeah, I think that's what I need to do.

Anyway, stay tuned and watch the coming forth of ImaTree. I was going to say 'transformation' but that implies she's going to morph into something she's never been or isn't already and that's not the case. She's just 'coming forth' into a most beautiful shape that will soon be familiar to her.

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  1. She'll {the tree} become an "updated version of herself", which I guess we all do as we grow through the changes we face in our lives. As always, a great analogy.