Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing But The Best!

These kids have got the best - ABSOLUTELY THE BEST - Mothers possible! I think you're all awesome and doing a great job raising my perfect little grandchildren (how easy could that be????). Keep up the good work!! Love you all!

As for me - there's a new Jesse Stone movie on TV tonight. I do love Tom Selleck!

Don't worry. . . I love Alan, too.

 And he gave me a Forsythia Bush!!!    YeeHaw!


  1. Hey the picture of my boys is covered up by Jodi & mariah's...should I take offense to that?! :) Just kidding, but you could you please fix it. And you are a wonderful mother too, how else would we know what to do?

  2. Oh, my gosh. I didn't know you liked Tom Selleck. He's such a hunk, isn't he? I've had a crush on him FOREVER!