Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where Grampa Go?

I'm sure you would've had to have been here to truly appreciate the humor, but, still, it's worth retelling. Grampa got my forsythia bush planted so he earned a fishing trip. Like I really have any control over when he goes fishing! Anyway, Grampa invited Nathan, Tyler and Layne to go with him. When they came to pick him up, this is what Layne saw:

Layne ran over to this pile of stuff saying, "Where's Grampa? Where Grampa go?" I watched as he picked up Grampa's coat and looked under it and then, in a very Sherlock Holmes sort of voice, he declared, "Grampa was just here! Where'd he go?"

Of course, I believe in honesty and immediately agreed with him and told him Grampa had just vanished, "Poof!" It was funny how Layne was all over this pile of evidence trying to figure out where Grampa would have gone and why he'd left his fishing stuff behind.

Tyler once again out-fished them all, too!

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