Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arrivals vs. Departures

There's just two more corners to quilt and three more blocks to tie and the baby's quilt can be taken off the frames and the binding finished. I have to do pekoes. Mom always put pekoes on the baby quilts she made and so it's a tradition I started with my grandkids.

I'm finishing up all my little sewing projects so I can clean off the work table, wind bobbins and bobbins of white thread, get out the laces and frills and start on the baby's blessing dress. It made me feel good that Amber would entrust me with that privilege. Every night I do at least two rows on the baby's afghan so she can be wrapped in it that Blessing Sunday. I've never made something this big out of crochet thread so it's taking a little more time.

I helped Amber make some sleepers for the baby. I was so excited she wanted to help sew them. Mention the word 'sew' to her and she falls to the floor, writhing in pain and gnashing her teeth as she imagines giant unpickers coming after her. But now, she's even made a car seat cover all by herself, as well as some receiving blankets. She's gone through Hunter's baby stuff, gleaned the 'generic' items and washed them and put them neatly on shelves and in drawers. There's Q-tips, baby oil and lotion around now where there were books and scrapbooking tools.

Amber got Scott to help her rearrange the baby's room. They put up the crib {even though it will be months before the baby goes in there} and she arranged the new bedding she purchased around in it. There are packages of tiny little diapers on a shelf now with wet wipes nearby.

I had to put something in her car about a week ago when she was at the house and my breath caught as I noticed she had put the baby's car seat in the car. Good idea to get Hunter used to sharing his space before there's a living, breathing, kicking, crying little sister in their to taunt him.

In the baby's closet are hangers {not much bigger than I remember her putting doll clothes on not so long ago} with baby-sized real people clothes. When I was having babies, you had lots of yellow and green sleepers. Now you have to know what the sex of your baby is because you can't buy much that works for both.

Amber has even got the first page finished for the baby's scrapbook - the one with the ultrasound pictures on it. I watch her blog as it counts down the days with an animated graphic showing a rendering of how big the baby is and what body parts have formed to this point. It's like the big digital clocks that were all over the place counting down the time until the New Millennium, filling me with dread and excitement; worry and joyful anticipation; anxiety and gratitude.

Amber's as ready as she'll ever be. As I've been working on the quilt alone tonight, I have to wonder, while we're making all these anxious preparations for this baby's arrival, what preparations are being made for her departure?

Is there last minute training going on with ancestors and friends spewing out last minute words of wisdom as they remember what it was like for them down here? Like at the breakfast table on the first day of school and Nathan {going into 2nd Grade} is explaining to Joe {starting Kindergarten} how you play tag at recess. "Don't chase a girl with a coat on because you'll grab the coat and she'll wiggle out of it and then all you'll have is a coat." It was a very serious lesson he was presenting and Joe was intent on listening. I hope she's listening as intently.

I can't think there would be tears because everyone still sees and understands the whole process. I wonder if Great Grandma Goodsell is teaching her how to gently pat her mom on the shoulder as she cuddles there {she always maintained she was the reason Amber did that}. Or maybe friends are reminding her of commitments they've made to look out for each other and help each other when they all get down here. Have they created a system to help them recognize each other?

She's picked an awesome family to be a part of so I'm sure she's hanging on the edge of the clouds anxiously waiting, secretly hoping she might 'accidently' slip and get a headstart on the whole thing. Except there's no 'headstart' now. Maybe she's clinging a little bit tighter wondering if she's got what it takes to be Hunter's little sister. That's entirely possible.

When the doctor 'starts' Amber, will the angels take her baby by the hands and walk with her to 'start' our little one on her awesome, miraculous journey of discovery?

Anyway, I was just wondering if there's as much anticipation up there as there is down here.


  1. Beautiful concept, beautiful words expressing that concept. And, I couldn't help but notice what time it was when you wrote it!

  2. Yes, ummm, hello. My name is . . . oh, I don't remember right now {I'm not as good with names as BJ} and I'm a Nightowlaholic. It's embarrassing to admit but it is me making the Monsters at the Scream Factory work longer hours to produce the electricity I use during the dark hours of the night/early morning. I became addicted to these peaceful, little-known hours when my kids were younger and I needed more time to get things done. Getting up earlier (my mother's suggestion) didn't work because the kids woke up earlier, too, no matter how quiet I tried to be. It started with just an hour here and there after everyone had gone to bed. It felt so good! That extra hour would make me feel so productive and pretty soon it became two and then three and then I lost track. I just stayed up until I finished the current project (or did a huge head bob onto my sewing machine or heard a scary noise). So, there you have it. My pathetic admission. Is there any hope? Probably not because even though I can admit I have a problem, I'm not ready to give it up yet.

  3. You're such a good mother, wife and grandmother--and sister. I know your family appreciates all you do for them--memories! Mother and daddy would be proud to see your accomplishments. Love you.

  4. Thanks for the post- it made me cry! I think that will help me tomorrow, thinking about her departure from heaven and what a wonderful experience it will be, instead of how much I hurt... :) I love you, Mom. Thanks for watching Hunter for us.