Sunday, June 27, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Wow, oh wow! Somebody opened up a can of buttons here! Oh, wait that's worms, huh? Well, then somebody certainly spilled the buttons! Oh, wait that's beans. Well, bottom line is, I'm afraid this button Dilly Lemma has spread into another day!

The Red Hen's advice is to simplify. So, to button this whole mess up, I should probably get one of those Culligan water bottles {an empty one, of course} and just dump all the buttons in there and be done with it. I know of a few of my grandkids who would sit for hours, playing with them and sorting them and counting them. Maybe, since I haven't outgrown my need to sort and organize buttons, I've cheated them out of some unique memories. Maybe I've just cheated myself out of cleaning up a lot of button messes, too! Tempting as letting them have memories is, I don't think I'm ready to let go just yet.

In Sharon's comment on the previous blog, she reminded me I do have a bottle of Grandma Ward's buttons on a shelf upstairs. So, rather than follow her own advice to simplify, she has inadvertently created another appendage to Dilly. Oh, this Dilly Lemma is so not buttoned up yet!

I got to thinking about it and some of my buttons have got to be as old as Grandma's were when I played with them! Maybe I should sort mine by age, too. But mine haven't crossed the plains {or at least they were on clothes that were on people who crossed the plains} like I was told Grandma's did so that decreases their value in the stock market just a bit. Assuming there is a button market. If there isn't, there should be. I mean, come on, you can button up, button down, button your fly or wear a button down. Back in the day, you could tell if you were a boy or a girl by the way your shirt buttoned (left over right or right over left).

My mother would also take all the buttons and zippers off of clothes before she donated them to D.I. Her philosophy was it gave someone a job to have to sew buttons back on. I bought that hook, line and button! {Oh, yeah, and do you want to see my zipper collection?}.

And, while I was trying to find these buttons, I realized I'm going to have to re-sort the way the bottles are on the shelf, too. Yes, I'm walking away again.


  1. Now, those buttons look like my buttons--very old fashioned. I'm sorry to have added to your dilly lemma. I think the Culligan bottle is a little bit big. It's just amazing how a button collection has gotten us this far in life. Traditions are hard to let go. I like the brown one with the chocolate pinwheel design--oh, no, did I mention chocolate? I can just hear the next post coming. Love your blog. Life is so much more fun with email and blogs. I love your creativity.

  2. Would it be possible? Skittles, LemonHeads, M&Ms, Runts, light chocolate, dark's definitely something to think about. But would it then increase my cravings whenever I was in the sewingroom? You know the great powers of the power of suggestion!