Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Bless the Open Door

Once again I have been enlightened and uplifted by old black and white television shows.

Last Friday I sequestered myself in my sewing room to finish some projects so I can start on Aspen's blessing dress. I have an old TV in there to keep me company and flipped it on hoping for a mindless show to offer some companionship. We have the ancient, no frills roof antenna still and so we had to purchase the awesome converter boxes when the FCC made television stations go strictly digital. I had heard you should do a channel search every once in awhile because there are new channels popping up all the time. I decided to that and, low and behold, it popped up with a new station. Funny thing is I've since found out that the only place I can get this particular channel is in my sewing room so it must just have been meant to be on this particular day. After researching it out later in the day, I discovered it's a station out of Salt Lake City that a group of ministries got together and started. initial excitement at having found a cool family station was squished like a pregnant spider (Krisy will appreciate that visual). During their entire broadcasting schedule there are only two hours in the middle of the day where they are not doing some sort of revival type programming. During those two hours, however, I can watch The Lone Ranger, Jack Benny or Red Skelton Show. Those are the ones I specifically remember.

On this day of my first discovery, it happened to be the Red Skelton Show. I haven't laughed that hard {of course I was by myself} in a long time. It was just good stupid funny and I loved it! What amazed me the most was when the show was ending and I was reminded of how he always closed his shows. He always had some sort of uplifting message that was directed at the public in general and, depending on what was going on, specific groups {like the military, for example} and then his parting words were "God Bless". When he says that, he's not being flip or sacrilegious or sarcastic and there's no canned laughter afterwards. It's just sincere and makes you feel good. I can't explain the feeling I had. It was a good feeling - because he made me feel good and, besides he'd just asked God to bless me! Who wouldn't feel good? But there was also a nostalgic feeling as I wondered what has happened?  What kind of world have we become that something so simple and sincere is not longer subscribed to and, in many cases, is being fought in our courts to be deemed illegal and offensive? When Nellie graduated from Snow College, a school whose percentage of LDS students is in the high 90's, they announced an 'Opening Expression of Choice' and a 'Closing Expression of Choice'. The word 'prayer' was even discriminatory. Anyway, long live Red Skelton reruns.

Then last night, during my late night ritual of Perry Mason, I Love Lucy and My Three Sons, I was enlightened by Perry Mason. I watch these three shows while I'm doing some kind of handwork or playing on the computer because plots were simpler then. You don't miss the key to the whole solving of the mystery if you blink your eye once. There really isn't a whole lot of variety, either. At least in the speaking parts of DA Hamilton Burger and Perry Mason. There's a lot of the same language used in their courtroom bantering and I'm amazed that they could get away with making Burger always appear so dramatic and at the same time downright stupid. Anywho, instead of there being a lot of objections because it was "incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial", there were several times where the judge ruled it admissible for Mason because Burger had "opened the door". By the end I figured out that if an attorney "opens the door" and the opposing attorney catches it, the attorney who opened the door is pretty well screwed. And so, I wondered, how often have I opened the door and let opposition enter my life?

I actually remember at least one Family Home Evening {or Hambly Foam Evening as Joe would say} where we tried to teach the kids about how we opened the door for Satan and a bad spirit to be in our home. Last night I started thinking about all the different ways I have opened the door for jealousy or misunderstanding or guilt or insecurity and allowed those things to not only come in through this open door of mine, but actually settle in, lock, stock and barrel. I'm sure there are a lot of hardships that I would not have experienced if I'd have kept the door closed. . . and the chair under the knob!

Since there are always exceptions, though, and two sides to every picture, I'm grateful for the times I've opened the door and good things have come into my life. Because of my new found belief that every One comes into my life for a reason or with a message or a lesson and every Thing happens for a reason, I've been a little freer with the opening of my door and I can honestly say I've been blessed for it. Maybe it's only in the courtroom that you seem to always get screwed by opening a door. Or maybe I just need to ask God's blessing on the Open Door.

Two humorous sidenotes:

   1. When I was little and goofing off by pulling funny faces, I would frequently go crosseyed. My mom would get so mad at me and tell me my eyes would stick like that if I didn't quit it and I'd look just like Red Skelton. She hated Red Skelton. She would always say you weren't funny if you had to laugh at yourself. It's his laugh that is so freaking contagious!

  2. I was watching this same station the other day and right before The Lone Ranger came on, there was a blurb that came across the screen that said, "The following educational program is for audiences 14 years of age and younger". I figured it was going to be another religious program only geared to younger children this time. I thought it was funny when it turned out to be The Lone Ranger. Of course, there was a moral to the show so I guess if I were 14 or younger I would have been educated.


  1. Oh, the memories those shows bring back. I love the Open Door concept. I've also started realizing that I meet people for a reason and that things in my life have a real purpose. Great feeling, isn't it? Once again I am reminded that we are, indeed, sisters.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't think we missed many episodes of those movies, especially the cowboy ones on Saturday. Daddy loved to watch Red Skelton, George Burns, and we never missed Lawrence Welk. Love your blog.