Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Creed

Weekend camping report to come but in the meantime, I wanted to share this quote from Abraham Hicks. Although I've messed up and made a gazillion mistakes, the gist of what this quote is referring to has always been my deepest desire. I haven't always known how to achieve it, however, hence the gazillion mistakes. Oh, yeah, and I forgot the umpteen belly flops. From this point forward it will be more front and center as my creed and promise to my children and grandchildren. Be patient with me, though, I will always hiccup.

Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show yourself your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, effective, powerful creator that you've come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheerleading section. But I will not do for you that which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I'm always here to compliment or assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you.

P.S. I found that robin's egg out by ImaTree! I'm excited to see new life happening around her as I'm convinced it will create the much needed positive energy!


  1. I love that quote. I just forget to ask too many times.

  2. I've always been like a bull in a china closet. It's not until after I've cleared a wide swath through a situation that I wonder why I'm bleeding and cut (and sometimes anyone in close proximity) and then I marvel at the disaster I leave in my wake.

    At first the quote made me nostalgic because it said so completely how I've always wanted to be and then it made me get down on myself because I've screwed up so many times but then I read it as a new goal and I liked it even more. So from this present moment forward I will try harder.

  3. Oh, no, no, no. I'm the one who's screwed up so much. I could match you screw up for screw up and I would come out the winner {I've always hated to lose}

  4. Come on you two. Everything's my fault, always my fault; I take the blame for everything.