Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Signs of Summer

Can you tell which kids have never had a brown topper and which child has the OCD mother? Actually the 2nd part of that question isn't totally fair because the child with the OCD mother has also had brown toppers before so he's had some practice. Mandy & I took the kids and met Amber, Hunter & Aspen at the Malad City Drive In on Monday. This is the same drive-in I remember my grandma getting triple decker ice cream cones. Jodi spent the rest of that day and all of Tuesday wondering where in Smithfield she would be able to get a brown topper. Brian could have wrung his cone out by the time he got down to eating it. And then, with his last bite barely swallowed, he turned to his mom and said, "I have 'nother one?"


  1. I remember the Malad drive-in. Even Roger and I stopped there when we went to Malad to visit grandma. Popular place in those days. Grandma sure liked it. We grew up on ice cream, rootbeer, dark Karo syrup and toast, pie--anything we wanted for breakfast--eggs fried in bacon grease, potato salad, pan fried chicken--and I have a weight problem all of my life? Go figure. Love those memories.

  2. Okay, did I miss out? I don't remember the Malad drive-in. But I do remember ice cream at the Goodsell reunion. I've never heard them called brown toppers either. I was a deprived child. But I eat enough ice cream now to make up for all the deprivation in the world.

  3. At least it only took ONE wet wipe to clean Hunter up! :) I had fun, thanks for treating us to "chocolate dips" (the teen carhops have never heard of brown toppers)