Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Technical Calculations

Everyone has their own special part of the paper they read every day. My section is the comics. Only instead of reading them in the paper, I have a list of my favorite ones on my homepage and I check them pretty consistently on a daily basis. One more red flag as to my mental stability I suppose. Anyway, couldn't resist this one.

We were finishing the storage room in our basement in Delta. I wanted a rolling-can shelf to make food rotation easier. Our neighbors happened to be working on their storage room at about the same time. Her dad was an engineer at Hill Air Force Base and he'd come down for the weekend to help them on their rotating-can shelf. I was talking to her after we were done with our shelf and she was surprised and told me how her dad and her husband were drawing up plans and making all sorts of detailed calculations in order to get the angle of the shelves just right. How had we finished so quickly? Well, the rednecks (Alan and I, if you didn't guess), worked just like an efficient, well-oiled machine as we constructed our rolling-can shelf.

I held the shelf. Alan laid a can on it. If the can rolled off and hit the floor (or one of our toes), then the slope was too great. If it didn't roll at all, the slope wasn't steep enough. Worked for us. We did the same thing in our storage room in Tremonton, too. So, this comic fit us to a tee!


  1. Oh, Janis, that is hilarious. But you kept it "simple" and it didn't take forever. I will share this story with my friends, and I will have a smile on my face all day. Good thing--I'm going to a funeral this morning. 98 year old lady passed away just short of her 98th birthday---yes, I said that right.

  2. Hey, we had one of those roller shelves. It didn't work either...oh, the cans rolled fine, but we always forgot to go down in the basement to use the food storage that was on the shelves.