Thursday, August 12, 2010


I found these pictures on my phone and thought I needed to share them. My sister has posted a couple of times about crossword puzzles and cross words. I'm not sure which of those this would fall under, if either of them - maybe crossed words. Anyway, back in February of this year, Grampa was playing Upwords with Carter and needed to leave so I got to finish the game with him. Pretty soon Carter got up and went into the kitchen area. I could see he was getting into the junk drawer but had not a clue what he was doing. In a minute he came back with a piece of yellow cardboard cut in almost the exact size and shape as the other tiles. On this piece of cardboard he had printed the letter he needed to finish his turn! What could I say? By the way, the word he spelled was 'lady'.

Like Monopoly gone bad, with each of Carter's trips to the junk drawer, I realized this game was not going to die a natural death within my lifetime so I had to put it down myself. Not before a few more yellow letter tiles were added, however. I just left them in the bag of tiles when we cleaned up, too, because we may need them again!

The rules were pretty lax and I couldn't say a whole lot about his spelling, either, because he was working so hard at sounding everything out. Darn difficult English language, anyway!

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