Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Enough Ever Enough?

Yes this is going to be a vague, 'who was that masked man' post. More details in my journal but ya'll will have to wait until I'm dead to read that.

So, is enough ever enough? Can I ever appreciate enough? Can I ever love enough? Or hate enough? {I guess I need to give equal time to all emotions to prove I'm not prejudiced or perfect and that, just as work is making me culturally competent, life is making me emotionally competent. It's common knowledge I'll never be mentally competent!} Will my house ever be clean enough or my hands clean enough or my thoughts clean enough? Will the yeast ever cause my bread to rise high enough or the current challenge of the moment cause me to rise high enough? Will the winter ever be wet enough, the spring early enough, the summer long enough or the fall colorful enough?

But then there's that ever so brief moment in time when the sun rests on the horizon before sinking out of sight and God tries to teach me that whatever I did between the sun rising and its current setting . . . no matter what kind of a day I had . . . what I did was enough.  With the brilliant reds and yellows and oranges and pinks the sun flashes across the sky, I wonder, "Am I any less? Why would I be anything less than 'enough'?" As that thought crosses through the barrenness of my brain and dissipates, however,  it seems to take with it the memory that once, for just a moment, I was enough.

But, the sun will set again tonight and I can remember.


  1. I totally relate to this post. I never read the scriptures enough, pray enough, do enough for others...all those important things. But sometimes I have to tell myself, when I crochet most of the day, that enough IS enough and that I need to move on to more important things.Maybe "enough is enough" applies to both the positive and negative things we do in life. Maybe we need to say "enough is enough of thinking that we are never enough."

  2. Thanks. I think you're probably right.