Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bragging Rights

A Grandma automatically has bragging rights, right? Well I'm going to brag on Tyler today.

Today was our Ward Conference. They changed things up a bit and had a two-hour Sacrament Meeting block. This meant we only had one hour in Primary so there were no classes - everyone met together for Sharing Time and Singing Time. We have a rather small Primary room so for all of the children to meet together requires a lot of creativity for seating arrangements. The room was fairly packed by the time we started and because I play the piano, I'm at the front of the room and am able to watch what goes on.

As always, kids straggle in during the first few minutes and today was no exception. Maybe even more so because of the confusion of everyone coming to the Primary room instead of to their classes. I'm not sure if the little girl who came in is actually in Tyler's class or not but Tyler saw a situation and remedied it in a very gentlemanly way. The little girl entered the room and, before anyone else could make a decision, Tyler stood up and let the girl have his chair, then he walked to the back of the room and got another chair for himself. It was a smaller, less comfortable chair, too.

I was so proud of him! What a great young man he will be! Love you, Tyler!

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  1. I miss you Janis... I love to catch up on your blog. I should just check it everyday. I think I had more time when I was working. Imagine that! Lunch someday...?